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Tongue and groove refers to the traditional method of a ‘tongue’ which juts out on one side of the board and an indented ‘groove’ on the other side. The tongue is designed to fit perfectly into the groove and creates a smooth, gapless result.The hardwood surface of the wood is untouched, and the visual appeal of the floor is not compromised.

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Valinge 5G

We use “Valinge 5G locking system” – a strong and robust system which “locks” floor boards into place and is designed to ensure an even result which strengthens over time.  The system is quick and easy to install, does not require nailing or gluing and eliminates creaking joints often associated with traditional timber flooring.

5G Locking System Advantages

  • Easy and quick installation

  • Significantly reduced installation times

  • The joints will have greater strength over time

  • Can be used immediately

  • No messy glue needed

  • No nailing required

  • No creaking joints

When the board is folded down, a flexible tongue is pushed into a tongue-groove. When it reaches its final position, the locking tongue snaps out into a wedge groove, emits a ”click” sound and locks the product vertically. The special design of the locking profile combined with the high performance glass fibre reinforced tongue offers superior function during climate changes and forces applied to the floor.


Your premium quality flooring has been coated with a formaldehyde-free, UV lacquered or UV Oiled finish, which is ready for installation and does not require any special treatment directly after installation. However, you should be aware that engineered hardwood flooring will naturally get worn; therefore some regular maintenance is recommended to protect and to preserve your floor’s beautiful surface:

  • Please ensure that a healthy room climate with 45‑60% air humidity and 20°C/68°F can be provided. This kind of climate is good for both your health as well as for the well being of the engineered hardwood flooring.
  • Ensure that any moisture spillage is immediately cleaned and dried up. Do not allow any moisture to pool on the surface, as this will cause damage to the floor.
  • Regular cleaning should be done with a vacuum cleaner (with felt pads fitted to avoid scratching), a static mop or a smooth floor-broom. Any sand or dirt should be immediately removed because they can cause scratches and damage the floor surface.

  • Any cleaning should be done using only well wrung mop. Never use a wet cloth. When mopping with a damp mop, ensure that the residual water evaporates within one minute. If it takes longer, then there is too much moisture on the mop.

  • Whenever necessary, the floor surface can also be cleaned with a damp‑mop or a special polish to remove stain, grease, shoe‑tracks etc. Never use the traditional wax or steel-wool on your lacquer-finished engineered hardwood floor.

  • Wood is also affected by UV light and therefore will change colour when exposed for long durations. Floor coverings such as rugs and mats should not be placed immediately after laying. The floor should be allowed to stabilise for about a few weeks.

  • It is highly recommended that you place felt pieces under any furniture bases or chair legs etc to protect the floor surface. For high traffic entrance areas of boutiques, halls, corridors etc a good floor mat is also recommended and will help preserve your floor.

  • Additional lacquering is not recommended.

  • In case of any damage to the lacquer-surface (e.g. by furniture movement), seek the advice and assistance of a qualified installer or tradesperson that is knowledgeable about engineered hardwood flooring.

  • If you insist on Do-It-Yourself repairs, smooth the affected area with a 180-210 grit sandpaper, followed by touch-lacquering the damaged area. It is advisable to test the lacquer material used on a hidden surface or corner of the floor beforehand, to judge the expected results first. However, please note that the warranty does not cover any repairs to the floor by any party.

  • If the installed floor is UV Oiled finished, we recommend that the floor is recoated with an oil refresher product (eg from WOCA or Bona) every 3-6 months depending on the condition of the floor. Please follow the product manufacturers instructions prior to applying it to the floor. Testing should be done on a hidden area first (for example in walk-in wardrobe or cabinet) to ensure suitability and adhesion of the product.

Wood is a living material, which swells when moisture or humidity levels rise and shrinks when moisture or humidity levels fall. These not only show that your floor is a natural product but can also lead to some irreversible deformation of the floor if the room climate and humidity is left too high or too low for an extended period of time. This can particularly happen if, for example during winter, the relative humidity in a heated room falls below the specified 45%. In this case you should install an air humidifier in order to prevent damage to your floor. The same may also be necessary with an air conditioned room.


Accuracy of colour and wood characteristics: whilst we have made every effort to ensure the colours and wood characteristics displayed on our website are as accurate as possible these images may vary from the actual product.